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What You Need To Build A PC

You can be build a PC that's affordable, high-quality, and with eye-popping performance like My Super PC! If you want to build a PC and you'd like to see specific recommendations for components, actual costs, tutorials on how to assemble, help with BIOS and driver settings, and what performance results you should expect - then you're at the right site! This site is dedicated to help you build a PC like My Super PC!

So Welcome! The information on these pages should streamline your research and save you hours of time, a fair amount of money, and you'll end up building your own super PC! Although technology changes quickly, I update this site frequently to keep it up-to-date. This site provides:

  • A tutorial on how to build a PC from start to finish - from component selection to assembly to testing!
  • Help in selecting quality, compatible components to build a PC!
  • The best places to buy top-quality components from well-established, highly-rated resellers at unbeatable prices to use to build a PC!
  • Detailed guides providing step-by-step instructions describing how to assemble the PC!
  • How to configure the BIOS settings and video card driver settings to get the most out of your PC!
  • How to update and upgrade your PC!
  • What benchmark tools to use to measure PC performance when you build a PC!
  • What diagnostic tools to use to look for PC problems when you build a PC!
  • In short, everything you need to build a PC!
Build a PC like My Super PC

The older site which you are now viewing describes My Super PC as it was in the past. Unlike my official site, I do not update this older site so it is getting out of date. I update my official site almost every day! For the latest and greatest information on My Super PC with fully updated pricing, component recommendations and assembly instructions, please click this link for:
My Super PC

Cost To Build A PC Like My Super PC

I used entirely hiqh quality components in the "sweet spot" to build My Super PC, meaning each component gives the most bang for the buck. This also means that the ultimate money-is-no-object component was not used. Doing so could easily double the cost, while only marginally improving on the final result. It's very important to restrict your purchases to components of very high quality. Many lock-ups and blue-screens-of-death can be traced to insufficient power supplies, low quality RAM, and the like.

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