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System Benchmark Results

I use Futuremark's 3DMark2001SE benchmark to determine an overall system performance measurement. Futuremark, formerly known as MadOnion, is the widely accepted and referenced standard. In addition to benchmarking performance, this demanding benchmark is excellent for revealing graphics anomalies, such as artifacts, and testing stability. While running the benchmarks, observe the monitor display and check for anything unusual, such as cut images or pixel artifacts. If the computer locks up, that will be easy to see. Download Futuremark's 3DMark2001 Second Edition here (look under "Download"). The good news is that it's free! The bad news is that it's a huge download, about 40MB. Note that DirectX 8.1 must be installed to use 3DMark2001 Second Edition. This is not a problem for Windows XP users since DirectX 8.1 is installed with Windows XP.

After downloading 3DMark2001SE, install it by double-clicking on it.

Bring up 3DMark2001SE. Select "Benchmark". Click on the picture below to see an enlarged image.
Madonion 3DMark2001SE Menu
Here's the overall score achieved with my configuration. This is a very good score.
Madonion 3DMark2001SE Overall Score
And here are the detailed score results which really give us something meaningful to evaluate. The minimum frame rate for smooth animation is 30 frames per second (fps). A rate in excess of this, at 38 fps to be exact, was achieved on the most rigourous test. And these results were achieved without any overclocking or special tweaking of the video drivers to optimize performance!
Madonion 3DMark2001SE Overall Score

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